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Meet Heavenly.....


Born in Washington, DC. On December 19th and raised in Atlanta, GA., Heavenly is the eldest of Darlton  and Victory Swift.

As a little girl, Heavenly dreamed of becoming a singer. Her second, most adored love…BEAUTIFYING in every way. She started by going door to door giving manicures to the elderly at 9 years old. From there, her classmates, cheer sisters, teachers, friends, or any one of her 6 siblings was to her, a canvas of beautify!


As a young adult and mother of 5, Heavenly continued to hone her skills as a kitchen beautician. The demands of life guided her on another path and for the next 10 years she would be an investment and insurance agent.


“Devote your life working towards your dreams, or someone else will hire you to work towards theirs.” This is the quote that Heavenly read that made her realize, it’s either now or never. She quit her job and enrolled into cosmetology school, earning the title BEAUTIFICATIONOLOGIST!! This was because of her love and ability to do all things beauty- from barbering to make-up, coloring and cutting to extensions. Due to her progressive RA, Heavenly is no longer a braider, but that has not and will not stop her mission to beautify the world!



Being in the business now for more than 25 years, Heavenly has worked as creative director for Steelo Cosmetics ( She has worked on Cats, the play, for a news broacasting company, on commercials, photo shoots, fashion shows, and make-up and hair for various artist.


With all that being said, teaching has to be one of her all-time favorites. As a cosmetology instructor, state board coordinator, and career services coordinator, to lead the next generation of cosmetology soldiers is what gives her joy.


Next to giving birth to her own children, her students are very near and dear to her heart.


Between teaching in schools, freelance teaching other classes like make-up and lashes, working in the salon, life is pretty amazing.


Your stylist is a hard working professional, who wants to give you the best experience in beauty that she can.


A devoted mother , grandmother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, cancer survivor, philanthropist, mentor, instructor, Beautificationologist, and Diva Extraordinaire……Heavenly!

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